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1 year agostep by step tutorial How to verify your binance cryptocurrency exchange identity through sure.
binance cryptocurrency exchange (Binance) A globally popular cryptocurrency trading platform. For those who are just starting to invest in this platform. or open an account but haven't verified your identity Let's see how to verify your identity. Binance to pass for sure You don't have to wait long for approval.
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How to verify identity Binance pass for binance gajni recenzon sure.
before you can verify your identity It is necessary to apply for an account. Binance Let's get it done first. The method of opening an account is easy and hassle-free as follows:
Go to https://www.sem stýrir or to download the app Binance You can use it to apply, then fill in your email or phone number. and set a password to access The system will check the security by moving the puzzle symbol to the point specified by the system. Enter the code that the system sends via email or phone number correctly. This is the time to be activated. You can log in and use it. Binance got it.
when the application is complete It will come to the part of the authentication method.
1. Sign in (Log in) Binance by email or phone number who have applied.
2. Then the system will send the verification code to us again via email or phone number. Enter the code you received to verify your identity again to sign in.
3. Once logged in The system will send a window asking you to verify your identity, click on "Verify Now".
4. The system will lead you to the Verification Center screen, click on "Start Now".
5. The system will bring you to the Personal Information page where the first page will have to fill in information about nationality, name-surname (in English) and information of the date of birth. Completed, press "Continue".
6. Then it's a duty for us to fill in the address, province and zip code. by entering in English (in the Residential Address field, just enter the house number)
7. The next page will have a photo of the document to verify your identity. The documents that can be used to verify your identity are: ID card, Passport or Driver's License You can choose to use either one.
Recommendation: When photographing documents, the document and data must be photographed clearly and without blurring. The card information must not be cropped or missing. In addition, the card should not be reflective until the information is unreadable. and lastly very important That document must be a document that has not expired.
On this page, when scrolling down, there is a box to select which documents we want to use for verification. You can choose according to your own convenience.
Select the document that you want to use to verify your identity and scroll down again to find the section where we can take a photo of the document. which must be taken both in front and the back of the document Click into it to take a photo of the document. When done, press "Continue".
8. The next part will be for us to take a photo of ourselves to confirm our identity once again. The first part will be taking pictures of our face. By having to take a selfie with a full face, no part of the face is missing Ready to take a photo, then click on "Take a Selfie"
9. Next will be identity verification with face verification with animation. The system will scan our faces in 3D.
Tip: While taking pictures, do not wear a hat, glasses, or use filters. Including should be taken in a place with enough light to see our faces clearly.
When shooting movies, a frame is provided. Let us put the head in the position that fits the frame set. Then the system will have commands for us to look up, look down, turn left-right or open the mouth, depending on the system to choose to order.
10. The submission of identity verification is complete. This does not mean that the identity verification has been approved, it is just the process of submitting the information for binans uniswap the system to consider successfully. After this, wait for the system to send an email confirming the approval again.
How long to wait for approval?
From above, when submitting information for identity verification has been completed. will be in the range of the system to verify the information The minimum verification time may be less than 1 hour, or the maximum can be 36 hours or 3 days (during heavy verification periods).
While waiting for approval, if you log in and επανεξέταση του binance launch pool go to your profile page, you will see a yellow bar. that shows the identity verification situation which if it has not been approved It will be a yellow bar that says "Under Review".
If the identity verification is successful The system has been approved, there will be an email notification. And if you go back and look at the yellow bar again, it will change to a green bar that says "Verified", it's considered verification is complete.
If someone is unable to verify their identity, they can re-confirm their identity. This can be done at most 10 times a day if within 24 hours. It is recommended to fill out the information should verify that the information is correct.
And in accordance with the documents that we use to verify identity as well In addition, photographs of documents including selfies and animation It must be taken out clearly. before entering to verify your identity Find a place with enough light to take pictures.
confirmation of identity Binance It is another platform that is not difficult to verify identity. The steps are easy to understand. If you follow the steps that have been suggested, you can certify that it's easy to pass.
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